• Further register numbers for readout:

    #hint: THD = total harmonic distortion (THD)
    #            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_harmonic_distortion
    inputRegisters = [
        {"name":"Spannung L1", "port": 0, "Unit": "V"},
        {"name":"Spannung L2", "port": 2, "Unit": "V"},
        {"name":"Spannung L3", "port": 4, "Unit": "V"},
        {"name":"Strom L1", "port": 6, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"Strom L2", "port": 8, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"Strom L3", "port": 10, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"Wirkleistung L1", "port": 12, "Unit": "W"},
        {"name":"Wirkleistung L2", "port": 14, "Unit": "W"},
        {"name":"Wirkleistung L3", "port": 16, "Unit": "W"},
        {"name":"Scheinleistung L1", "port": 18, "Unit": "VA"},
        {"name":"Scheinleistung L2", "port": 20, "Unit": "VA"},
        {"name":"Scheinleistung L3", "port": 22, "Unit": "VA"},
        {"name":"Blindleistung L1", "port": 24, "Unit": "VAr"},
        {"name":"Blindleistung L2", "port": 26, "Unit": "VAr"},
        {"name":"Blindleistung L3", "port": 28, "Unit": "VAr"},
        {"name":"Leistungsfaktor L1", "port": 30, "Unit": ""},
        {"name":"Leistungsfaktor L2", "port": 32, "Unit": ""},
        {"name":"Leistungsfaktor L3", "port": 34, "Unit": ""},
        {"name":"Phasenwinkel L1", "port": 36, "Unit": "Grad"},
        {"name":"Phasenwinkel L2", "port": 38, "Unit": "Grad"},
        {"name":"Phasenwinkel L3", "port": 40, "Unit": "Grad"},
        {"name":"Durchschnittliche Spannung zu N", "port": 42, "Unit": "V"},
        {"name":"Durchschnittlicher Strom zu N", "port": 46, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"aktueller Gesamtstrom", "port": 48, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"aktuelle Gesamtwirkleistung", "port": 52, "Unit": "W"},
        {"name":"aktuelle Gesamtscheinleistung", "port": 56, "Unit": "VA"},
        {"name":"aktuelle Gesamtblindleistung", "port": 60, "Unit": "VAr"},
        {"name":"aktueller Gesamtleistungsfaktor", "port": 62, "Unit": ""},
        {"name":"aktueller Gesamtphasenwinkel", "port": 66, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"Frequenz", "port": 70, "Unit": "Hz"},
        {"name":"Import Wh seit Reset", "port": 72, "Unit": "kWh"},
        {"name":"Export Wh seit Reset", "port": 74, "Unit": "kWh"},
        {"name":"Import VArh seit Reset", "port": 76, "Unit": "kVArh"},
        {"name":"Export VArh seit Reset", "port": 78, "Unit": "kVArh"},
        {"name":"VAh seit Reset", "port": 80, "Unit": "kVAh"},
        {"name":"Ah seit Reset", "port": 82, "Unit": "Ah"},
        {"name":"Gesamtwirkleistung", "port": 84, "Unit": "W"}, #gemittelt über eingestelltes Zeitfenster
        {"name":"Max Gesamtwirkleistung", "port": 86, "Unit": "W"},
        {"name":"Gesamtscheinleistung", "port": 100, "Unit": "VA"},
        {"name":"Max Gesamtscheinleistung", "port": 102, "Unit": "VA"},
        {"name":"Gesamtstrom Neutralleiter", "port": 104, "Unit": "A"}, #gemittelt über eingestelltes Zeitfenster
        {"name":"Max Strom Neutralleiter", "port": 106, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"Spannung L1 L2", "port": 200, "Unit": "V"},
        {"name":"Spannung L2 L3", "port": 202, "Unit": "V"},
        {"name":"Spannung L3 L1", "port": 204, "Unit": "V"},
        {"name":"Durchschnittsspannung L L", "port": 206, "Unit": "V"},
        {"name":"Strom Neutralleiter", "port": 224, "Unit": "A"}, #aktueller Wert
        {"name":"THD Spannung L1", "port": 234, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"THD Spannung L2", "port": 236, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"THD Spannung L3", "port": 238, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"THD Strom L1", "port": 240, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"THD Strom L2", "port": 242, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"THD Strom L3", "port": 244, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"THD Durchschnittliche Spannung zu N", "port": 248, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"THD Durchschnittlicher Strom zu N", "port": 250, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"Gesamtsystemleistungsfaktor", "port": 254, "Unit": "Grad"},
        {"name":"Strom L1 demand", "port": 258, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"Strom L2 demand", "port": 260, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"Strom L3 demand", "port": 262, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"Max Strom L1 demand", "port": 264, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"Max Strom L2 demand", "port": 266, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"Max Strom L3 demand", "port": 268, "Unit": "A"},
        {"name":"THD Spannung L1 L2", "port": 334, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"THD Spannung L2 L3", "port": 336, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"THD Spannung L3 L1", "port": 338, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"THD Durchschnittliche Spannung zu L L", "port": 340, "Unit": "%"},
        {"name":"Total kwh", "port": 342, "Unit": "kwh"},
        {"name":"Total kvarh", "port": 344, "Unit": "kvarh"}
    Edited by Otte, Dr. Peter-Bernd
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