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<svg xmlns="" width="267.53" height="71.32" viewBox="0 0 267.53 71.32"><title>rubicon</title><g id="Ebene_2" data-name="Ebene 2"><g id="Ebene_1-2" data-name="Ebene 1"><ellipse cx="35.16" cy="35.34" rx="32.42" ry="32.6" fill="none" stroke="#cf0d2e" stroke-miterlimit="10" stroke-width="5.48"/><circle cx="133.69" cy="36.11" r="26.29" fill="none" stroke="#cf0d2e" stroke-miterlimit="10" stroke-width="17.31"/><ellipse cx="232.21" cy="35.8" rx="35.32" ry="35.51" fill="#cf0d2e"/></g></g></svg>
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -1058,7 +1058,7 @@
"name": "Rubicon Project",
"manufacturer": "Rubicon Project",
"logo": "rubicon.png",
"logo": "rubicon.svg",
"link": "",
"mediatype": [
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