Authored by Destri Putri

Texas Hold'em Poker - The Importance of Defending Your Blind

{{"Playing perfect Texas Hold'em poker is not easy. Even the very best players in the world, the top 1% of all Texas Hold'em poker players, are generally known as vigilant blind defenders. They do not like to relinquish their blinds without a fight. Although they do they math that generally dictates when it is right to defend a blind, they also know how to read opponents at the poker table. This enables them to strategically bluff other players out, successfully defending their blinds. This should be your goal as well. Although not an easy strategy to master for a novice Texas Hold'em poker player, you must learn to defend your blind. To be honest, it probably makes more sense to fold out big blind garbage rather than get involved in pots and make costly mistakes later. However, by defending your big blind more often in Texas Hold'em and contesting more pots, you send a message to the table that you will not permit anyone to simply walk off with your blinds without a fight. This type of table presence at a poker table really does work. Defending your blinds can be dangerous because if you do not have the discipline to get out of a marginal hand quickly, you can lose a lot of chips quickly. Because of the propensity to lose big quickly, your best bet is to only defend your blinds with hands that have a chance to win. These hands usually include all pocket pairs and suited connectors. More importantly, throw your garbage hands away!"}}

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