Commit 7d145b51 authored by Katharina Brandl's avatar Katharina Brandl
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better widening operator for intervals

parent e60e9842
......@@ -112,9 +112,11 @@ bounded (Interval lowerBound upperBound) (Interval i1 i2) (Interval j1 j2) =
| otherwise -> upper
widening :: Ord n => Widening (Interval (InfiniteNumber n))
widening (Interval i1 i2) (Interval j1 j2) =
let (r1,r2) = (if i1 P./= j1 then NegInfinity else i1, if i2 P./= j2 then Infinity else i2)
in (if (i1,i2) P.== (r1,r2) || (j1,j2) P.== (r1,r2) then Stable else Unstable, Interval r1 r2)
widening old@(Interval i1 i2) (Interval j1 j2) =
let r1 = if j1 >= i1 then i1 else NegInfinity in
let r2 = if j2 <= i2 then i2 else Infinity in
let new = Interval r1 r2 in
(if new old then Stable else Unstable, new)
metric :: Metric m n -> Metric (Interval m) (Product n n)
metric m (Interval i1 i2) (Interval j1 j2) = Product (m i1 j1) (m i2 j2)
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