Commit f5575ef6 authored by André Pacak's avatar André Pacak

fix type system spec, use == instead of match for check inferred

parent 0aea1bd8
......@@ -491,11 +491,11 @@
<property role="TrG5h" value="tyInf" />
<node concept="1RlKn1" id="6aA4EUj$U0z" role="1FvUVk">
<node concept="1FvUUU" id="6aA4EUj$U13" role="1RlKn0">
<node concept="1FckbG" id="3YSjD$12aK5" role="1FvUVk">
<node concept="1FvUUU" id="3YSjD$12aKo" role="1FfB6u">
<property role="TrG5h" value="tyInf" />
<node concept="1FvUUU" id="6aA4EUj$U1e" role="1RlKn3">
<node concept="1FvUUU" id="3YSjD$12aKy" role="1FfB6v">
<property role="TrG5h" value="tyReq" />
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