Commit 703ed759 authored by Sebastian Erdweg's avatar Sebastian Erdweg

minor fix

parent 2085280d
......@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6OMXo1W3nhH" role="1FvzHK">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="r11b:6OMXo1VIo4c" resolve="Statement" />
<node concept="1FtGIS" id="6OMXo1W3nhM" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="Zlr9x" id="6OMXo1WiVh3" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6OMXo1W3n9f" role="1FvzSA">
<property role="1FtGIY" value="OK statement" />
......@@ -260,6 +260,7 @@
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6OMXo1VIpz$" role="1OzrGH" />
<node concept="1F53FG" id="6OMXo1WiV2T" role="1FufQt" />
<node concept="1FvzHF" id="6OMXo1VUeub" role="1FufQt">
<property role="TrG5h" value="subtype" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6OMXo1VUeud" role="1FvzHG" />
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