Commit f19d0bda authored by André Pacak's avatar André Pacak

fixed bug that arised from renaming derived lookup no context function

parent a64c9a94
......@@ -1868,6 +1868,11 @@
<node concept="3clFbH" id="6XUlM2nXqCN" role="3cqZAp" />
<node concept="3SKdUt" id="2iwoW_qLsOo" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3SKdUq" id="2iwoW_qLsOq" role="3SKWNk">
<property role="3SKdUp" value="TODO hard-coded: how do we know we need to merge lookup?" />
<node concept="3cpWs8" id="6XUlM2nMZwd" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3cpWsn" id="6XUlM2nMZwe" role="3cpWs9">
<property role="TrG5h" value="lookupDeclaration" />
......@@ -1890,6 +1895,11 @@
<property role="3SKdUp" value="get all context projection rules" />
<node concept="3SKdUt" id="2iwoW_qLzkh" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3SKdUq" id="2iwoW_qLzkj" role="3SKWNk">
<property role="3SKdUp" value="TODO hardc-coded: how do we know we need to inline context" />
<node concept="3cpWs8" id="6XUlM2nU1TV" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3cpWsn" id="6XUlM2nU1TW" role="3cpWs9">
<property role="TrG5h" value="contextProjectionDeclaration" />
......@@ -2035,11 +2045,6 @@
<node concept="3clFbJ" id="6XUlM2nUfFY" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3clFbS" id="6XUlM2nUfG0" role="3clFbx">
<node concept="3SKdUt" id="6XUlM2nUg3H" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3SKdUq" id="6XUlM2nUg3J" role="3SKWNk">
<property role="3SKdUp" value="rule for == and !=" />
<node concept="3cpWs8" id="6XUlM2p3vKD" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3cpWsn" id="6XUlM2p3vKE" role="3cpWs9">
<property role="TrG5h" value="equalRule" />
......@@ -2117,11 +2122,6 @@
<node concept="9aQIb" id="6XUlM2nUg0u" role="9aQIa">
<node concept="3clFbS" id="6XUlM2nUg0v" role="9aQI4">
<node concept="3SKdUt" id="6XUlM2nUg3W" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3SKdUq" id="6XUlM2nUg3X" role="3SKWNk">
<property role="3SKdUp" value="rule for !=" />
<node concept="3cpWs8" id="6XUlM2oKMDm" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3cpWsn" id="6XUlM2oKMDn" role="3cpWs9">
<property role="TrG5h" value="lookupNoCtxRule" />
......@@ -2212,6 +2212,11 @@
<property role="3SKdUp" value="replace old lookup_noctx rule" />
<node concept="3SKdUt" id="2iwoW_qLE4V" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3SKdUq" id="2iwoW_qLE4X" role="3SKWNk">
<property role="3SKdUp" value="TODO hard-coded: how to know to look for lookup_nocontext" />
<node concept="3cpWs8" id="6XUlM2pwe82" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3cpWsn" id="6XUlM2pwe83" role="3cpWs9">
<property role="TrG5h" value="intermediatelookupNoContex" />
......@@ -2225,7 +2230,7 @@
<node concept="liA8E" id="6XUlM2pwe86" role="2OqNvi">
<ref role="37wK5l" to="5tos:6XUlM2o94Nv" resolve="getDeclarationByName" />
<node concept="Xl_RD" id="6XUlM2pwe87" role="37wK5m">
<property role="Xl_RC" value="lookup_noctx" />
<property role="Xl_RC" value="lookup_nocontext" />
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