Commit e0d04557 authored by André Pacak's avatar André Pacak

remove unused judgment in spec

parent ceb3004d
......@@ -179,23 +179,6 @@
<node concept="1FtGIT" id="2U2uJPq7RFt" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1F53FG" id="2U2uJPq89Q4" role="1FufQt" />
<node concept="1FvzHw" id="6cGgHUfgPG4" role="1FufQt">
<property role="TrG5h" value="toType_ADT" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6cGgHUfgPG6" role="1FvzHx">
<property role="1FtGIY" value="toType" />
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6cGgHUfgPUe" role="1FvzHy">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="5va7:1Da9ityUTef" resolve="Type" />
<node concept="1FtGIS" id="6cGgHUfgPUs" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6cGgHUfgPG9" role="1FvzSW" />
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6cGgHUfgPUl" role="1FvzH$">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="5va7:1Da9ityUTef" resolve="Type" />
<node concept="1FtGIT" id="6cGgHUfgPUw" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6cGgHUfgPGc" role="1FvzS5" />
<node concept="1F53FG" id="2U2uJPq8a3Z" role="1FufQt" />
<node concept="1F53FG" id="2U2uJPq3SH8" role="1FufQt" />
<node concept="1FvzHw" id="2U2uJPq3Sni" role="1FufQt">
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