Commit dcd7cea9 authored by André Pacak's avatar André Pacak
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adapting measurement code to be configurable

parent 8a90d424
......@@ -2535,7 +2535,9 @@
<node concept="avzCv" id="7RSYa3msdnb" role="avys_">
<node concept="3clFbS" id="7RSYa3msdnc" role="2VODD2">
<node concept="3cpWs6" id="7RSYa3msduw" role="3cqZAp">
<node concept="3clFbT" id="7RSYa3msd_Y" role="3cqZAk" />
<node concept="3clFbT" id="7RSYa3msd_Y" role="3cqZAk">
<property role="3clFbU" value="true" />
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