Commit d3fbd864 authored by André Pacak's avatar André Pacak

syntax mode for the sort that is used as input for projection instead of output of projection

parent f2700438
......@@ -81,14 +81,14 @@
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6G$bWLkr_bg" role="1FvzHG" />
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6G$bWLkr_bh" role="1FvzHH">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="5va7:2_58u12slaZ" resolve="Context" />
<node concept="2jlkjo" id="1t5MWi46nRd" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIS" id="2KaZpbam0UW" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6G$bWLkr_bj" role="1FvzTf">
<property role="1FtGIY" value="|-" />
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6G$bWLkr_bk" role="1FvzHI">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="5va7:1Da9ityUTbh" resolve="Term" />
<node concept="Zlr9x" id="2U2uJPpfXqa" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="2jlkjo" id="2KaZpbam0US" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6G$bWLkr_bm" role="1FsQh1">
<property role="1FtGIY" value="=&gt;" />
......@@ -104,21 +104,21 @@
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6G$bWLkr_br" role="1FvzHG" />
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6G$bWLkr_bs" role="1FvzHH">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="5va7:2_58u12slaZ" resolve="Context" />
<node concept="2jlkjo" id="1t5MWi46nRh" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIS" id="2KaZpbam0V0" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6G$bWLkr_bu" role="1FvzTf">
<property role="1FtGIY" value="|-" />
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6G$bWLkr_bv" role="1FvzHI">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="5va7:1Da9ityUTbh" resolve="Term" />
<node concept="Zlr9x" id="2U2uJPpfXB3" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="2jlkjo" id="2KaZpbam0Vc" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6G$bWLkr_bx" role="1FsQh1">
<property role="1FtGIY" value="&lt;=" />
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6G$bWLkr_by" role="1FvzHK">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="5va7:1Da9ityUTef" resolve="Type" />
<node concept="2jlkjo" id="1t5MWi46nRl" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIS" id="2KaZpbam0V4" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6G$bWLkr_b$" role="1FvzSA" />
......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6G$bWLkr_bB" role="1FvzHH">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="5va7:1Da9ityUTbw" resolve="Var" />
<node concept="Zlr9x" id="2U2uJPq833I" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="Zlr9x" id="5croPxsqG9s" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6G$bWLkr_bD" role="1FvzTf">
<property role="1FtGIY" value="in" />
......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@
<node concept="1FtGIX" id="6G$bWLkr_bF" role="1FvzSA" />
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6G$bWLkr_bG" role="1FvzHI">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="5va7:2_58u12slaZ" resolve="Context" />
<node concept="1FtGIS" id="2U2uJPpfXBc" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGIS" id="5croPxsqG9w" role="1FtGIM" />
<node concept="1FtGBS" id="6G$bWLkr_bI" role="1FvzHK">
<ref role="1FtGBW" to="5va7:1Da9ityUTef" resolve="Type" />
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