Commit 1ca4ba2d authored by Sebastian Erdweg's avatar Sebastian Erdweg
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fix module name

parent 86f14ea8
......@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@
<node concept="3EZMnI" id="SSjGGIw2Io" role="3EZMnx">
<node concept="l2Vlx" id="SSjGGIw2Ip" role="2iSdaV" />
<node concept="3F0ifn" id="SSjGGIw2Iq" role="3EZMnx">
<property role="3F0ifm" value="Pattern Function Module" />
<property role="3F0ifm" value="Type Language Module" />
<node concept="3F0A7n" id="SSjGGIw2Ir" role="3EZMnx">
<ref role="1NtTu8" to="tpck:h0TrG11" resolve="name" />
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