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## iTypes
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It is crucial that developers receive instantaneous feedback while writing 
programs, e.g. type errors of a program.

The goal of this project is to see how type checkers can be incrementalized in 
order to provide immediate feedback for the developer.
As a starting point we are investigating bidirectional type systems.

We want to provide a domain-specific language that enables language designers to define
bidirectional type systems.
Additionally, we want to implement a compiler that translates bidirectional
type systems into a format that can be incrementalized.

Currently, we are exploring how to manually transform bidirectional type system systematically 
in order to figure out how to structure the compilation pipeline.

## Getting Started

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To build the type checkers in Haskell, install the [Stack]( build tool and run `stack build` within 
the directory `haskell` of the project. 

To build the type checkers in IncA, install [IncA]( and open the directory `inca-translation` with MPS.