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## Usage
First steps (aka hello world):
### Command line parameters
```bash [-h] [-v] [-V] [-d DELAY] [-a [ARG_VARIABLE]] [-i INPUT_DIR]
[-o OUTPUT_DIR] [-s] [-ni] [-n]
execname ...
#### Arguments
Parameter | | Description
--- | --- | ---
execname | required | (positional argument) name of executable to call OR complete shell command line. If no placeholders are provided, "{inputdir}{inputfilename} {outputdir}{jobid}/outfile.txt" is added.
-h, --help | optional | show this help message and exit
-v, --verbosity | optional | increase output verbosity
-V, --version | optional | Returns the actual program version
-d DELAY, --delay DELAY | optional | time delay in ms between starts of consecutive jobs to help distributing load
-a [ARG_VARIABLE], --arg-variable [ARG_VARIABLE] | optional | add variables to use as execname argument. example: `-a theta,0,180,2.5 -a energy,0,10`
-i INPUT_DIR, --input-dir INPUT_DIR | optional | specifies the directory with files to process
-o OUTPUT_DIR, --output-dir OUTPUT_DIR | optional | output directory, default = output[datetime]
-s, --single-argument | optional | do not add the default placeholders to the execname
-ni, --no-inputfiles | optional | set this flag if no iteration over input files requested.
-n, --dry-run | optional | Do not launch workers, just build test settings.
### First steps (aka hello world)
1. On HIMster 2 / Mogon 2, load the following module first
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