Commit 96c64719 authored by Peter-Bernd Otte's avatar Peter-Bernd Otte

Minor error in default argument of broker corrected.

parent 43a1602a
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ logger = logging.getLogger("FSRMaster")
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Workload distributor for trivial parallelism.')
parser.add_argument("-v", "--verbosity", help="increase output verbosity", default=0, action="count")
parser.add_argument("-b", "--mqtt-broker-host", help="MQTT broker hostname", default="locahlhost")
parser.add_argument("-b", "--mqtt-broker-host", help="MQTT broker hostname", default="localhost")
parser.add_argument("-t", "--watchdog-timeout", help="timeout in seconds for the watchdog", default=20*60*10, type=int) # ca. 10 mins
parser.add_argument("mqtt_client_name", help="MQTT client name. Needs to be unique in the MQTT namespace, eg fsr-ww.", type=str)
parser.add_argument("serial_device_name", help="Serial port used, eg /dev/ttyUSB0", type=str)
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