Commit 41b255c3 authored by christianrhansen's avatar christianrhansen

commented out everything with showAddCells (because unused)

parent 749e5c71
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......@@ -361,8 +361,8 @@
visibilitySwimlanes: 'swimLane/getVisibilitySwimlanes',
visibilityDetails: 'swimLane/getVisibilityDetails',
visibilityDrawer: 'swimLane/getVisibilityDrawer',
showSources: 'mosys/getShowSources',
showAddCells: 'mosys/getShowAddCells'
showSources: 'mosys/getShowSources'
// showAddCells: 'mosys/getShowAddCells'
currentSpecialFunctions () {
if (this.$ in this.currentConfig.specialFunctions) {
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