Commit 0779e217 authored by Anton Koch's avatar Anton Koch

Merge branch 'shared-videoplayer-css-fixes' into 'master'

video player css repaired

See merge request !3
parents 96232cc3 0e9bce2b
......@@ -164,10 +164,10 @@
margin-left -33px
font-size 4em !important
.vjs-big-play-centered .vjs-big-play-button .vjs-icon-placeholderbefore
.vjs-big-play-centered .vjs-big-play-button .vjs-icon-placeholder:before
line-height 65px !important
.vjs-button > .vjs-icon-placeholderbefore
.vjs-button > .vjs-icon-placeholder:before
font-size 2.5em
padding-top 1px
......@@ -180,10 +180,10 @@
.video-js .vjs-control-bar .vjs-volume-panel
display none
.video-js .vjs-control-bar .vjs-play-control .vjs-icon-placeholderbefore
.video-js .vjs-control-bar .vjs-play-control .vjs-icon-placeholder:before
line-height 40px
.vjs-fullscreen-control .vjs-icon-placeholderbefore
.vjs-fullscreen-control .vjs-icon-placeholder:before
line-height 40px
.video-js .vjs-time-control
......@@ -196,7 +196,7 @@
.video-js .vjs-progress-control .vjs-load-progress
background-color rgba(255,255,255,0.333)
.video-js .vjs-play-progressbefore
.video-js .vjs-play-progress:before
font-size 1.5em
right -0.8em
top -0.4em
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