Commit a40a3f16 authored by Anton Koch's avatar Anton Koch

Merge branch 'mosys--data-cell-concept' into 'master'

Mosys: Cell Settings dummy ui added

See merge request !18
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......@@ -38,8 +38,11 @@
style="top: 8px; right: 8px;",
:icon="annotationUIStates[annotation._uuid].editing ? 'close' : 'edit'", flat, round, size="md"
// selecting cells disabled because it has no use currently
// switch with cell component below to re-enable it
@click.native.prevent="event => {handleCellClick(event, annotation)}", :annotation="annotation", :preview="true")
@click.native.prevent="event => {handleCellClick(event, annotation)}",
......@@ -642,6 +645,7 @@
display: block
background-color lightpink
display: block
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