Commit bc9ee312 authored by christianrhansen's avatar christianrhansen
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removed commented out html

parent adcbed64
......@@ -95,19 +95,6 @@
v-touch-hold="event => {handleCellEdit(event, annotation)}",
@click.prevent="event => {touchMobileCell(event, annotation)}")
@click.prevent="event => {handleCellEdit(event, annotation)}",
flat, round, size="sm", style="margin-top: 2px;")
q-icon(name="edit", size="20px")
//----- invisible edit-modal handler
@click.prevent="event => {handleCellEdit(event, annotation)}", flat, style="opacity: 0") bla
// @click.prevent="handleModal()", flat, style="opacity: 0") bla
//----- selecting cells disabled because it has no use currently
// switch with cell component below to re-enable it
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