Commit 7f747e7d authored by Anton Koch's avatar Anton Koch

Merge branch '331-buggy-cell-update---mosys' into 'master'

fixed buggy cell update in mosys (#331)

See merge request !30
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<template lang="pug">"targetHandler")"targetHandler")
q-btn.text-dark(@click="onDoubleTap", flat, size="sm", no-ripple, style="max-width: 100%;")
export default {
props: ['element', 'doubleTap'],
props: ['type', 'doubleTap'],
data () {
return {
clickTimer: null
mounted () {
if (this.element) {
if (this.type) {
let observer = new IntersectionObserver(this.observerCallback)
observer.observe(this.$refs.targetHandler) = observer
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
observerCallback (entries) {
target = entries[0],
arg = {element: this.element, intersecting: target.isIntersecting, offsetLeft: undefined}
arg = {type: this.type, intersecting: target.isIntersecting, offsetLeft: undefined}
if (!target.isIntersecting) Object.assign(arg, {offsetLeft: target.boundingClientRect.left})
......@@ -56,14 +56,53 @@
<style scoped lang="stylus">
handler-width = 40px
border-radius-handler = 100vw
gap = 0px
width handler-width
height handler-width
transition top ease 200ms, left ease 200ms
position absolute
border-radius border-radius-handler
width 0!important
overflow hidden
position fixed
width handler-width
height handler-width
transition opacity ease 350ms
opacity 0
width 0!important
overflow hidden
border-right 0!important
opacity 1
left gap
right auto
border-radius 0 border-radius-handler border-radius-handler 0
left auto
border-radius border-radius-handler 0 0 border-radius-handler
right gap
right calc(100vw / 4)
<style lang="stylus">
display none!important
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