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  • 2020.02
    Release 2020.02



    • Sioux Falls dataset
    • Models for integrated planning
      • Integrated timetabling and passenger routing
      • Integrated line planning, timetabling and passenger routing
      • Integrated timetabling and vehicle scheduling
      • Integrated line planning, timetabling, passenger routing and vehicle scheduling
      • Computing a new timetable for given line plan and vehicle schedule
    • Respect fixed lines in line planning
    • Respect fixed lines in timetabling
    • Modulo Simplex algorithm for timetabling
    • Full support for running under Windows
    • Import of VISUM datasets
    • New Python core graph implementation
    • Automatic cleaning of src folders
    • Robustness checks for delay management


    • The export format to visum does now include the line repetition


    • the cpp core will not be maintained any more and will be removed in a future version
  • 2018.06
    Release 2018.06


    First release version