Commit 9de9d0be authored by Christian Meesters's avatar Christian Meesters
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changed UI default message for split arg

parent 14739780
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ print_help ()
printf "\\t\\033[1m%s\\033[0m\\t%s\\n" "-r,--ramdisk" "ramdisk size in units of GiB (default is 40 GiB)"
printf "\\t\\033[1m%s\\033[0m\\t%s\\n" "-t,--threads" "blast threads (default is 1)"
printf "\\t\\033[1m%s\\033[0m\\t%s\\n" "--blastparams" "blast parameters (default is -outfmt 6 (for blank tabulated output))"
printf "\\t\\033[1m%s\\033[0m\\t%s\\n" "-s,--splitup" "No. of FASTA sequences per query file (default is 20)"
printf "\\t\\033[1m%s\\033[0m\\t%s\\n" "-s,--splitup" "No. of FASTA sequences per query file (default is to generate ~5000 files)"
printf "\\t\\033[1m%s\\033[0m\\t%s\\n" "--blastdir" "output directory (default is composition of input names)"
printf "\\t\\033[1m%s\\033[0m\\t%s\\n" "--executable" "choose executable (currently only from NCBI-BLAST, default: blastx)"
printf "\\t\\033[1m%s\\033[0m\\t%s\\n" "--compress" "if set, the output files will be merged and compressed (time consuming!, defaultt: off)"
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