Last week there was a temporary error with email sending that lead to GitLab notification emails not being delivered. The problem should be solved now - however, failed notification emails are not being resent!

Commit 481fb7ef authored by Lorenz Steinert's avatar Lorenz Steinert

fix share files

parent 456df757
Viviane Bauer
Julius Bohm
Ellen Bold
Lukas Bolz
Carsten Dittrich
Luca Haag
Kai Hawerkamp
Marc Hegen
Silvia Hiebel
Katharina Hilgert
Sarah Kovač
Rutger Kuwertz
Felix Lang
Patrick Mischke
Jacqueline Momperé
Kevin Mours
Tarek Moussa
Diana Remmel
Lorenz Steinert
Aaron Thielmann
Christopher Weiß
Kai-Uwe Wolf
Markus Ühlein
Stefano Galimberti
Tatjana Grün
Maximilian Kiefer
Nikolas Longen
Christopher Mink
Linda Müller
Stephanie Roden
Matthias Rüb
Felix Selz
Sven Stawinski
Marco Tummeley
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