Verified Commit c6f78d56 authored by Lorenz Steinert's avatar Lorenz Steinert
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fix typos

parent 3b051d79
......@@ -474,7 +474,7 @@ def get_ldap_server(config=None, server=None):
return server
if config:
return config['SERVER']['NAME']
logging.warning('No LDAP Server supplied. Tiring to use "".') # noqa: E501
logging.warning('No LDAP Server supplied. Trying to use "".') # noqa: E501
return ""
......@@ -491,7 +491,7 @@ def get_ldap_base(config=None, base=None):
if config:
return config['SERVER']['BASE']
logging.warning('No LDAP search base supplied. '
'Tiring to use "dc=fs,dc=physik,dc=uni-kl,dc=de".')
'Trying to use "dc=fs,dc=physik,dc=uni-kl,dc=de".')
return "dc=fs,dc=physik,dc=uni-kl,dc=de"
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