Commit 45b9f253 authored by Lorenz Steinert's avatar Lorenz Steinert
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removed Linda Hofherr from namen.tex

parent 21176723
......@@ -134,8 +134,6 @@
\\newcommand{\\jhe}{Jens Heyens\\xspace}
\\newcommand{\\tim}{Tim Hochdörffer\\xspace}
\\newcommand{\\tho}{Tim Hochdörffer\\xspace}
\\newcommand{\\linda}{Linda Hofherr\\xspace}
\\newcommand{\\lh}{Linda Hofherr\\xspace}
\\newcommand{\\jorg}{Christina Jörg\\xspace}
\\newcommand{\\cjorg}{Christina Jörg\\xspace}
\\newcommand{\\cjoerg}{Christina Jörg\\xspace}
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