Verified Commit 126ca2ee authored by Lorenz Steinert's avatar Lorenz Steinert
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parents 80572698 d823c628
...@@ -11,12 +11,10 @@ Katharina Hilgert ...@@ -11,12 +11,10 @@ Katharina Hilgert
Sarah Kovač Sarah Kovač
Rutger Kuwertz Rutger Kuwertz
Felix Lang Felix Lang
Annika Lesch
Patrick Mischke Patrick Mischke
Jacqueline Momperé Jacqueline Momperé
Kevin Mours Kevin Mours
Tarek Moussa Tarek Moussa
Lukas Neusius
Diana Remmel Diana Remmel
Lorenz Steinert Lorenz Steinert
Aaron Thielmann Aaron Thielmann
...@@ -6,4 +6,6 @@ Christopher Mink ...@@ -6,4 +6,6 @@ Christopher Mink
Linda Müller Linda Müller
Stephanie Roden Stephanie Roden
Matthias Rüb Matthias Rüb
Felix Selz
Sven Stawinski
Marco Tummeley Marco Tummeley
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