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......@@ -62,6 +62,25 @@ The log files are in all cases appended, so that no information can be lost.
Moreover, the name of the 'single' log file can be explicitly specified using the `--logfile <path/to/logfile.log>` option.
### Screen dump
The screen of the oscilloscope can exported using the [``](./ script.
One can dump the full screen using the `-f <name>` option (`--fullscreen`), or only the graticule with the `-g <name>` option (`--graticule`).
Both options can be provided simultaneously, and require an argument corresponding to the name of the plot.
The name is automatically appended with the date and time, and with the file extension.
Dump formats can be specified with the `--exts` option.
The list of possible dump formats is `BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG`.
Example: `python --exts png bmp -f fulldump -g gratonly` will write files
- `fulldump.yymmdd_HHMMSS.png`
- `gratonly.yymmdd_HHMMSS.png`
- `fulldump.yymmdd_HHMMSS.bmp`
- `gratonly.yymmdd_HHMMSS.bmp`
Reading previously recorded data
......@@ -119,15 +119,15 @@ Examples:
python -f screenshots/full
Writes screenshots/full__YYMMDD_HHMMSS.png (folder must exist).
Writes screenshots/full.YYMMDD_HHMMSS.png (folder must exist).
python --exts png bmp -f fulldump -g gratonly
- fulldump__yymmdd_HHMMSS.png
- gratonly__yymmdd_HHMMSS.png
- fulldump__yymmdd_HHMMSS.bmp
- gratonly__yymmdd_HHMMSS.bmp
- fulldump.yymmdd_HHMMSS.png
- gratonly.yymmdd_HHMMSS.png
- fulldump.yymmdd_HHMMSS.bmp
- gratonly.yymmdd_HHMMSS.bmp
def parse_args(argv):
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